Viper Copy was born with the idea that email is simply not something that is easy to master. After personally seeing our own email campaigns perform with great success, we decided to start offering email copywriting services to other entrepreneurs.

A common trend we saw was that even some of the highest level sales funnels lacked that “extra touch” when it came to email marketing strategy.

With the right emails, you can build trust and rapport quickly with cold prospects and turn those prospects into hot buyers.

We do that by writing highly engaging stories that tie in your marketing message.

What is a Soap Opera Sequence exactly? 

A SOS (Soap Opera Sequence) uses a series of emails distributed over the course of several days to tell a compelling story about your business. A SOS uses techniques regularly found in popular television programming to get an audience engaged and keep them engaged. 

For instance, what is it about shows like Breaking Bad that keeps viewers binging for hours on end? Obviously, they tell a great story. But they also use advanced story-telling techniques, such as cliffhangers and open loops, to keep their audience wanting to come back for more.

Cliffhangers are unresolved dramatic elements that usually come at the end of the show. To find out how they pan out, the viewer has to watch the next episode. We use similar strategies in our email marketing campaigns, closing our emails with compelling cliffhangers to prime readers for the next installment.

Open loops are similar but generally appear throughout the show, or, in this case, throughout the email. Open loops start telling a story but don’t immediately finish it. To find out how the story ends, you have to keep reading. Open loops in our done for you email campaigns may be resolved later in the same email, or even in later emails in the sequence.

Cliffhangers and open loops, coupled with a good story, keep your audience engaged with your marketing emails and increase the likelihood that they will make the decision to buy. In essence, we structure our email campaigns like a soap opera.

For our own personal campaigns we’ve seen email open rates as high as 50%.

In some cases we’ve had leads ‘binge read’ our entire 7 part email series within a day and then move forward to purchase our services that same day. 

Who Is This For?

Coaches, consultants and entrepreneurs selling products and services online. If you have a product you sell via a sales page, or even a high ticket offer you sell over the phone we can work with you.

The goal of the soap opera sequence is to warm up cold leads, build trust and get to a sale without coming across as “salesy”. It keeps readers coming back for more. 

Testimonials & Past Samples Of Our Client Work

See all of our video testimonials here

Joshua Mallen – 6 Figure Amazon Seller – Final Mentor Program

Josh was looking for a campaign specifically for his high ticket Amazon FBA program Final Mentor. 

This campaign was designed for people that would “no show” on his high ticket sales calls to re-engage them, share his story and marketing message and get them to book another call in order to sell his $4k program. 

See the email content and our email planning document here. 

Nadine Sabulsky – Life Coach

Nadine was looking for an onboarding sequence for new leads from her website, book sales and paid advertising in order to sell her high ticket life coaching program.

We developed a soap opera sequence to share her story alongside her marketing message to encourage her leads to book high ticket sales calls to sell more of her services. 

See the email content and our email planning document here. 

David Tullock – Interview Coach

David was looking for an initial sequence to warm up his leads so they could learn more about his interview coaching program.

We helped David take his interview business offer and turn it into an engaging soap opera sequence to sign up more clients. 

See the email content and our email planning document here. 

How To Get Started

Go here to book a call with us and fill out our application so we can do a deep dive around the details of building your email marketing campaign.

How The Process Works

Part 1. We will collect an upfront deposit for ½ the amount agreed upon for the project. 

Once the emails are complete and have been delivered we will send the 2nd invoice to cover the remaining ½. 

Part 2. Submit a 1-2 paragraph summary of your business and what you’re selling using the form here. 

If you have any other useful links, story content, or anything else relevant please include it with this submission.

Part 3. Once we receive your submission we will work on creating a customized 8-10 question survey to learn more specifics about your business within the next 24-48 hours.

Part 4. Your survey will be emailed to you (Or a member of our team will reach out to you via Facebook messenger if that’s where we spoke).

Part 5. Once we get your survey responses we will begin working on creating a custom email planning document for your email series. 

Part 6. We will begin writing your custom emails and they will be delivered to you via a Google Drive link so you can edit and import them into your autoresponder of choice.

You will also get a copy of our email planning document breaking down your cliffhangers, open loops, and email titles. 

Additional notes:

If you currently have an email series in Active Campaign, you can provide to us the share URL and we will import it into our system and use some of your existing content as needed.

Submit this along with your business summary.

We can also provide to you your completed emails in an Active Campaign automation if you prefer to import it right into your account. 

Please let us know if this is something you’d like us to do.